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Siri Om Khalsa

Siri Om Khalsa

Siri Om was born into a family of yoginis and her teaching style is expressive of the depth of her knowledge and lifelong experience in the principles and practices of yoga.

She studied with Bikram Chaudhoury extensively since 1995 in Los Angeles at the Yoga College of India and is photo featured several times in “Bikram’s Beginning Yoga Class” instructional book. She practices daily and has consistently taught Bikram Yoga since 2002, worldwide!. She is also qualified to teach the advanced series of Bikram Yoga.

“My deepest wish is to serve people through teaching yoga; to help relieve others of some of their pain and suffering; to bring a healthy glow to their faces; to bring strength and flexibility to their bodies and minds; to help others connect to their joyful essence through the magical beauty of Bikram Yoga.”

Reggie Meneses

Reggie Meneses

After studying various movement styles, Reggie began practicing Bikram Yoga while residing in New York City in 2000. He quickly discovered that the 26 posture Bikram Yoga series took him to deeper sensations of relaxation and self-realization than anything else he had practiced in the past. Also, his chronic back pain subsided and eventually disappeared altogether within weeks of continued practice. He also lost unneeded pounds and significantly lowered his blood pressure.

Reggie is the 2010 Men’s Virginia Yoga Champion and represented Virginia at the National Yoga Asana Championship in Los Angeles in March 2011. Previously in 2004, he was also the Men’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Yoga Champion and represented the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC area at the Bishnu Ghosh Cup World Yoga Championship that following year in Los Angeles.

His students represent a wide diversity of people. He has taught Bikram Yoga classes in New York, California, Florida, and Washington, DC. He is also one of the founders of the award-winning Bikram Yoga studio in Cockeysville, Maryland. He has a Bachelor of Arts in History, a Bachelor of Science in Theatre and a Master of Fine Arts in Acting Performance. Reggie is also certified as a Professional in Human Resources (PHR) and has a certificate in Human Resource Management from George Mason University.

Reggie earned his Bikram Yoga Teacher Certification in June of 2001. When teaching Bikram Yoga, Reggie uses his theatre skills often. One of his New York City students remarked, “Reggie’s instruction is positive yet firm, encouraging and focused. A great motivator and really knows how to get the best out of you.” He is available by appointment for private and group instruction. Just email Reggie for questions and/or appointments.

Reggie resides in Reston with his partner, Dave, and their rambunctious black pug, Lord Mugsley von Snuggles.

Sayyeda Asha

Sayyeda Asha

Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher

Holistic Nutrition Counselor HNC

I became aware of Bikram yoga while attending the Institute of Integrative Nutrition In New York in 2005. I meant a beautifully balanced very strong woman. She had a peaceful demeanor and an inner glow of happiness. I asked her what she did for a living and she replied, ”I am a Bikram Yoga teacher”. I knew I had to find out more.

The next opportunity had to take a class I did and was instantly hooked. It was the most humbling experience I ever had. There were people in the class of all ages and abilities all working so very hard achieving at their own level. I was instantly inspired, just you, the mat, and a towel. It was almost too simple, yet the greatest challenge I had ever done, I loved it. I instantly loved the art of the instructors’ delivery, it was strong, unique, and encouraging. I learned something different from each class, each teacher, intrigued by their wealth of knowledge. I knew I wanted to do and be that.

I completed the Spring 2011 Teacher Training course in Los Angeles alongside 430 other wonderful trainees. This was the best thing I have ever done in my life. I was completely challenged, stretched beyond all my capabilities physically, mentally, and emotionally. The journey was very uplifting, I left feeling stronger than ever, and sore. Teaching Bikram Yoga has been a beautiful experience.


Ping began studying yoga in 2005. She graduated from Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in 2006. Within the first couple of months of practicing Bikram Yoga, her lower back pain of over 20 years magically disappeared. The following several more months, her asthma of twenty years was also cured. Ping enjoys sharing her experiences and guiding others on their own journey of yoga. Ping’s approach is warm and clear with an appreciation of the uniqueness between individuals. She also studied with senior yoga teachers in the alignment based style of Iyengar and Anusara Yoga.

Stephen Inks

Certified Bikram Yoga Instructor

Stephen has lived in Northern Virginia all his life. He was a professional musician for 15 years and then worked for a DC Nonprofit for the last 10 years – in a cube like a caged animal. Both careers offered absolutely zero exercise. He looked around one day and noticed that a lot of people his age were very out of shape with negative mindsets. Then, he looked in the mirror and was startled to realize he was too.

He decided he didn’t want to live like that anymore. He started working out slowly and doing a yoga DVD. A very in-shape and positive friend asked if he would like to try Bikram yoga. He didn’t recall hearing that it was hot yoga, so he showed up with only one tiny bottle of water!

Dehydration notwithstanding, he was hooked instantly. He did 5 classes in his first week! His outlook changed, his body changed, and his life changed. He graduated Teacher Training in Los Angeles in the spring of 2011. He loves teaching and being positive in all aspects of his life. But, be warned, if you get him started talking about yoga, it’s hard to shut him up!

Adrian Hummell

Certified Bikram Yoga Instructor.

Graduated Teacher Training Fall 2012. Adrian started his practice December 2010; like many others he started off a little skeptical about the practice. At first he was inconsistently coming less than once a week, after a several sessions the Yoga started to make sense. Within the next few months he quit his job as a waiter to work the desk at Bikram Yoga Fairfax, started practicing daily and began competing! After his first competition he realized how much Bikram Yoga has improved his mind & body, he was in for life. At this point Adrian set out to become a Certified Instructor. With the help of the Bikram Yoga Fairfax Community he was able to attend the Fall 2012 Training.

Adrian is the 2013 Men’s Virginia Yoga Asana Champion.

If you have any questions about Bikram Yoga, be sure to ask Adrian as he is always excited to have a discussion.

Yvonne Kleiman

Yvonne Kleiman

I discovered Bikram yoga in the summer of 2009 and immediately knew I would do this yoga for the rest of my life. Bikram yoga has been like a tonic, an elixir of sorts. It has brought health, strength and a renewed vitality that has overflowed into every aspect of my life.

Wholeheartedly, I believe “it’s never too late, it’s never too bad and you’re never too old or too sick to start from scratch.” I feel honored and blessed to have found something I truly believe in. And it is my wish that every student gain health, healing and realize their own vibrant being through Bikram yoga.

Michelle Ouimet

Michelle hails from the culturally rich and francophone city of Montreal. She grew-up a competitive tennis player and skier – but not without her fair share of injuries. Michelle took her first Bikram yoga class in 1998 in Stowe, Vermont. Lingering skiing injuries were quickly relieved with the healing power of Bikram’s yoga, and inspired Michelle to attend Bikram’s teacher certification program in 2000. Since then, Michelle has devoted herself full-time to teaching and studying Bikram yoga at over a dozen studios across the continent from Montreal to California and points in between.

Michelle is a Feng Shui Consultant and brings this subtle understanding of interior space to compliment her yoga teaching.

Christiane Sabo Popperwell

Christiane Sabo Popperwell

Christiane took her first Bikram class with her sister in New York City shortly after September 11th, 2001. She fell in love…while fear and sadness overwhelmed the streets of New York – there was magic happening every day at Bikram Yoga. Christiane began a work/study position at Bikram Yoga NYC weeks after her very first class, and after her move to LA in 2005 worked at Headquarters directly with Bikram, Rajashree, and senior instructor Emmy Cleaves.

Christiane completed Teacher Training in Spring 2011 in Los Angeles and then completed the pregnancy seminar with Rajashree in Fall 2011 at Kripalu. She also attended the advanced seminar with Bikram in Croatia in Spring 2012. Having trained to become a professional ballerina – Christiane had numerous chronic injuries, all of which she has healed through her daily practice of Bikram yoga.

Prior to her life as a yoga teacher, Christiane was an actress, a singer-songwriter, and a producer. Christiane has had music featured on compilations around the world. Her debut album, Saltwater, garnered her a record deal with UK label Urban Angel for the UK + Europe and was licensed by several TV networks. She continues to enjoy playing live shows with her husband Joe Popperwell and on occasion her Grammy nominated cellist Dave Eggar. She has a BA from Duke University.

Rochelle Traupe

Rochelle Traupe

Rochelle has over 20 years of experience in health, wellness and yoga. She earned a degree in Sports Medicine. While her primary practice is Bikram, Rochelle has also trained in Ashtanga, Iyengar and Vinyasa yoga.

Rochelle’s yogic style is a dynamic mix of strength, power, encouragement and compassion. Her years of dedicated yoga practice have been the foundation of her personalized approach to the teaching, coaching and development of students and instructors.

After fracturing her spine in 2006, Rochelle was drawn to Bikram Yoga for its healing benefits. While training for many triathlons, including three half-ironmans, she relied on Bikram Yoga to rehabilitate and keep her injury-free. Inspired by her own personal experiences from Bikram Yoga, she became a certified Bikram instructor.

Additional Teachers

Jayna Athas

Jayna Athas completed the Fall 2010 teacher training in San Diego, California. Whether in politics or athletics, she has always been active and enjoys giving 100% of her strength to meet personal goals. When she stepped into her first Bikram class 3 years ago, she immediately felt at home in the Bikram community. After finishing her graduate studies in 2009 in the townships of South Africa, she learned to integrate her love for people while maintaining her Bikram yoga routine. Jayna Athas soon realized the only way to continue her passion for health and well-being was by sharing it with others.

After years of being actively involved on Capitol Hill, Jayna Athas looks forward to helping students focus inward during stressful times. She will push you to meet personal benchmarks while keeping a smile on her face for positive encouragement. Her careful attention to students ensures that each individual is safe while progressing towards their mental, physical and emotional goals. If Jayna Athas isn’t sweating on a mat next to you at Fairfax, she enjoys running on the lakefront in Chicago or traveling to a new foreign country in her free time. Her next adventure is scheduled for 2013: Mount Everest, a lifelong dream.

Karla Stoll

Karla went to Bikram Teacher Training in Fall 2006. She has been a Massage Therapist since 2005.
What Karla loves the most about the yoga is the personal transformation that takes place through consistent practice.
If the yoga has done something good for you, please come tell her; she loves happy stories.

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